Friday, November 4, 2011

Weekend Ready

I am definitely ready for the weekend! What a long week. Made even longer for the fact that so many other people said it went by really fast. I beg to differ.

I finished a custom order from my shop. This cute bird hat. I'm currently working on a penguin hat which I designed myself. Its coming out nicely!

I really appreciate all of your compliments on my fob finish! Its a great little stitch and a quick finish. Shepherds Bush really puts out some great kits! Sweet stitches came with everything I needed to make the fob, including the ribbon and beads for the ruched trim, right down to the needles for the stitching and beading. Their smaller kits are definitely travel friendly since everything comes together.

Only one more week until retreat time! I am definitely excited to have alittle get away time.

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Rahenna said...

I love the hat! You'll have to show us the penguin when it's done too, maybe I'll need to get one... I LOVE silly hats. :D

cucki said...

hello dear, lovely hat and cant wait to see the penguin hat too..
have a lovely weekend xx

Blu said...

What a cute hat!
You have to show the penguin when you get done.

Jenny said...

Wohoo - retreat time!!!! I am thrilled for you!

Jenny said...

Wohooo! Retreat time! No wonder time seems to stand still... :-)
I am thrilled for you!