Sunday, November 6, 2011

Weekend Fun

Yesterday I got to meet up with Danielle and Denise at a local Panera. It was a lot of fun to lunch and stitch!

The Panera was only a few minutes from our lns The Stitching Post so I decided to make a quick trip. I picked up two lhn ornament charts and fabric cuts, plus the Quaker Hearts kit by Shepherds Bush. I had been eyeing the kit for some time so I just bit the bullet and got it.

Hubby worked last night at his parttime job at our local liqour store. I stopped by for a visit and he showed me they had gotten this Skinny Girl white cranberry cosmo drink. Lucky me, he brought some home with him for me to try later that night! Its delish!

While Matt was at work, I enjoyed a movie and started my new sampler. I watched Water for Elephants. I thought it was good.

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cucki said...

very lovely stash,,i love it...
cant wait to see your sampler..keep well happy stitching xxx

Astrid's dragon said...

Oh man, I could have met you on Saturday if I had gone with DJ to the SP - darn it! We'll just have to plan it one day.

I love Skinnygirl, I've had the margarita and love it! I'll have to try the cosmo, that sounds good too.