Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Two Days

Only two more days of work until freedom!! Lol!

Last night, I started working on lhns bringing home the tree ornament. When I was at my lns last weekend they had the small cuts of fabric called for on the chart. Weeks dye works cocoa in 30 count.

Honestly, I do not like it. Maybe its because its small and I have to stitch in hand (I prefer my qsnaps) or maybe its because, to me, the fabric feels loose and wonky.

Its just not my bag.

I also wanted to share what I am making for dinner in my crockpot tonight! Pepperjack chicken!

1 can cheddar cheese OR nacho cheese soup (I can only find cheddar in my store and its fine)

1 jar of salsa

1 lb chicken breast, cut up

1 of each - green, red, yellow peppers, roughly chopped.

We have a wegmans that just opened up near is and I loooove wegmans!! In the produce section, they have a section where employees chop up fresh veggies and package them for sale. So I got a nice package of red, green, orange and yellow peppers already chopped up and ready to go! Saves me time and I love the smell of fresh peppers!

Anywho, throw everything in the crockpot and set your timer. The first time I made this a couple weeks ago, I set it for fours hours and it was good. Today, since I threw it in this morning before I left for work, I set it for ten. Can't wait to get home and experience that delicious smell!

When you're ready to eat, serve over rice. A yummy meal!

P.s.com does anyone else have an irrational fear of leaving home with the crockpot going. I'm always scared I will come home to a burned down shell of a house or a completely crusted out inedible meal.

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Denise said...

Sounds good, I will have to try it.

cucki said...

wow sound so lovely..i will give it a try too.
hugs xx