Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Hope everyone had a fun and safe pre - Halloween weekend!!

Back to the ole' grind tomorrow, boooo!!

Our neighbors had a bit of a get together Saturday night for the holiday. We had a good bit of snow here in Maryland all day Saturday so, sadly, she did not have many people show up, but those of us that lived just a few houses away had a good time!!

My husband decided to be a pirate for the party, so I threw together this hat last week. I was his parrot!

It was fun to make this hat for myself and it will come in handy for work tomorrow. I am not much of a costume person, so this hat was a good go to choice. Plus, its fun and creative!!

I have a Kindle with special offers and I just HAPPENED to check the offers Friday night and with a shriek of joy, got an offer to get 50% off a kindle cover from!! I have been patiently waiting as I have been eying the hot pink lighted kindle cover on their site. At a whopping $49.99, I knew I could save some money if I just waited for a special offer to pop onto my Kindle. Saturday, I was able to order my new cover and along with my special offer, I had some money left on a gift card. Got my new cover for $20 and free shipping!! Totally worth the wait! I love my Kindle so much and read it almost every night, so I know this is a worthwhile purchase.

The rest of the weekend I spent working on the super cute Shepherd's Bush scissor fob 'Sweet Stitches' that I got when I was at In Stitches. I just completed the stitching and stitched it together. I have a little mini pillow at this point. I love the flower motif and the colors in the threads, bright and cheery. There was a mother of pearl heart bead that came with it, but it came loose while I was putting it together and manhandling it to put the stuffing in so I just cut it off. Better now than later I guess, haha. Next, I have to add the ruched ribbon to complete the fob. It will my first attempt, so lets hope it goes well!

I also ordered and received my piece of fabric to stitch "Growing Like a Tree"! It is 40 count vintage examplar by Ladeside Linens. I am so excited to get started on this sampler! I think it will pack it up and have it ready to go to retreat in a couple weeks!


Danielle said...

Yay about the linen. That fob worked up quick!! And great parrot hat, but um WHY are there no pics of you in said hat!?!?! LOL

cucki said...

wow lovely parrot hat..
Happy Halloween dear xxx