Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Be prepared, this is a non stitchy paranoia filled post.

Hubby and I currently rent the house we live in. We are hoping to change that situation in the next year or two. I lived there when we met and he moved in. I've lived there eight years. Good neighbors and not so good neighbors. Its a quiet street in a small town so we've never had much worry when it came to security.

I even lived alone for a time before my husband moved in while we were dating. I didn't worry because I had good neighbors and everyone was in everyones business when there were strangers around making sure there was no trouble.

Well, last week an older ladys family had come over and moved her stuff out. Apparently, within an hour of her stuff being moved out, the apartment she lived in was broken into. It was empty, obviously, so nothing was stolen. Another neighbor said around that time she saw someone looking in her back window. I find my neighbor questionable because she posted on facebook that someone was looking in her window four hours BEFORE the breakin occurred. She then posted Monday that someone was looking in her front window, which would have been difficult for them to do since her front window isn't ground level and they would have had to climb her garden wall to look in it. And why in heck would you post that on facebook and not call the police?! And noone saw this person climbing your garden wall?! Come on now.

Well last night after hubby went to bed, I heard some voices outside late. I looked out and there were two policemen up at our neighbor friends house. I messaged her to make sure she was ok since her bf works at night and she was home alone with her ds. She told me that she came home to her front door open and her next door neighbor had seen someone go by on a bicycle and then heard her door open.

Hubby and I both work during the day which puts a hitch in my step every morning when I have to leave for work. If someone were to break into our home I would be devestated. Setting aside all worries about material things (which we have worked very hard for, thank goodness for rental insurance at least), its very scary to think of someone coming into my home without my knowledge and going through our things. I find it diffucult to believe that I would be comfortable in our home after it had been so violated.

So this morning, I called my mother and asked her to have her husband install an additional lock on our front door. I know its not necessarily a fool proof solution if someone REALLY wanted to get in our house, but it will make me feel better and hopefully will be a deterrent to someone with bad intentions.

I could really use a needle and thread right now.
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Danielle said...

Yes, it is very disconcerting to learn about break-ins in your neighborhood. Hopefully a new lock will bring you some peace. All you can do is be careful.

cucki said...

yup..i am agree with is really not a nice feeling about the break-ins in your neighborhood..
be careful dear and keep well.
love for you xxx

Jenny said...

I would be a bit shook up as well, Jilly. I hope that everything goes well and that the bad guys get caught soon.

I hate to say it, but maybe your one neighbor (who sounds a bit nutty) is involved somehow (possibly unknowingly)? I always find myself amazed that so many individuals post everything and anything about their life on the web. I heard this story about a couple getting robbed because they posted on FB that they were going on vacation for two weeks. Guess what, two of their 2,000 (!) FB friends cleaned out the house in piece and quiet while they were gone. Maybe someone needs to have a chat with your neighbor about internet safety?

Joysze said...

How scary, Jilly. I hope the new lock will be another layer of protection for you guys.

Denise said...

I had my house broken into a few days before Christmas 2008. It is very upsetting. Even more so when you know they meant to do harm to whoever they ran into during the theft. Now I have 2 dogs that bark like nuts at anyone that even walks by the house. It is a deterrent but by no means do I feel it makes me totally safe either. When someone wants to steal from you, unfortunately they will. :-(