Thursday, July 28, 2011

Wants and Needs

The following two things are in my thoughts. Want. Need. Mine.

This lovely and fabulous design is "Quilted Garden" by Blue Ribbon Designs. Belinda posted teasers on Facebook for weeks about this new design and has finally revealed it in all its colorful glory! She also designed several "smalls" to also make. I love the little pin cushion. It should be in shops by the end of August. It will be mine. 

And look at this! I am seeing postings all over blog world about the Go! Baby Fabric Cutter. I have been wanting one of these for MONTHS! I have entered every giveaway and every contest to no avail. It is already on my Christmas list! Want! Need!


P.S. Netflix is now available for streaming on my android phone. My life has improved in immeasurable ways because of this.


Jenny said...

Oh no - I should never have read this post! Now I really want the Blue Ribbon quilt designs... sigh!

I can't justify the quilt/applique cutter - thank goodness - but I could probably come up with some other stuff that I need insrtead... ;-)

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Blue Ribbon have a new fan, me! I am follower 498 on her blog, hopefully your post will push her over the 500 mark.
The designs are gorgeous. I love the bookmark sampler, what a clever way of using bookmark designs!

mbroider said...

LOL!! I have also entered two of the Accquilt giveaways - no luck so far - and aim to enter every one i see...

cucki said...

wow...very pretty quilt design..i am keep on looking at is really very stunning piece..
and the pin coushion (a big sigh)i collect them and treasure them..when you will get it please show us all..cant wait to see it..
keep well xx

Siobhan said...

You can get Netflix on your PHONE?!? That is so cool!!

I love both of those things. The sampler is cool and I would LOVE a Go Baby! I keep trying to win one to no avail.

Joysze said...

Quilted Garden sure is pretty, pretty. :D

Glad to hear that Matt's op went well. I hope he's recovering nicely.