Thursday, July 7, 2011

It's Getting Hot In Here!!

Sorry friends, I have no updated stitchy stuff.

Tuesday, I took an extra day off work to recuperate from the holiday. Not that we did much, but sometimes after a holiday taking that extra day helps. It was fun to see all my Facebook friends posting about how they had wished they had taken an extra day and there I was, welded to my couch, laughing at them while they attempted to navigate rush hour traffic. I had told Matt I planned to do nothing, so he shouldn't expect to walk in after work and see a spotless house. I enjoy making sure my husband has low expectations so that when I do wash a dish, he is properly impressed. I stitched the majority of the day and watched movies and reality tv. I didn't get as much stitching done as a I would have liked to. Number one reason: IT IS SOOO HOT IN MY HOUSE!

No sir, we do not have air conditioning. June, not so bad. Sure, there were a couple nights here and there we might have had some trouble sleeping, but with the aid of a few fans in the bedroom it was okay. Then July came. What a biotch! Plus, as I have mentioned in previous posts, our's leather. Oh yes, which requires me to wear PANTS year round. If not, well, it is a lesson in pain trying to get yourself out of the band aid like clutches of that weapon of torture thing. So, frequent breaks were necessary and interruptive to my stitching process.

Instead of putting Venetian Opulence away, it has become an upstairs/downstairs sort of thing. Last week while Matt was working last night I took my sampler upstairs into the bedroom and worked on it while catching up on Private Practice on the computer. It was a nice break from Venetian, and that evil couch. I've decided to do that for awhile.

Matt is working tonight, so I will be upstairs at my desk stitching away on the sampler in front of a high powered fan. Hopefully, I can make some progess. Let's not talk about stitching over one on 40 count, we will just agree that I was experiencing temporary insanity when I went with that brilliant idea.


cucki said...

so lovely to hear from you..happy stitching dear:) xx

Joysze said...

YIKES!!!! No a/c in that heat? :( I hope the weather cools down for you soon.

country stitcher said...

You poor girl, I could not live with out the ac! Try to say cool!
Thank you for drawing my name in your last drawing of Crescent Colours, I am anxiously waiting there arrival.
Happy Stitching