Wednesday, July 27, 2011


More progress on the sampler!

We were out over the weekend at a new Marshalls store in our area and I saw these cute bowls! I would have bought one or two but I know they wouldn't really GO with anything. Common sense reared its ugly so I just took a picture to share!
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Jenny said...

What a pretty sampler! I did look through a bunch of your older posts, but could not seem to find the name and the designer. Would you mind sharing the info with me in your next post?

Your needle-bling cup cake is super-cute!

cucki said...

yup!really very lovely and sweet sampler..cant wait to see more of it.
the bowls are so cute:)
keep well dear xx

Danielle said...

The sampler is looking awesome!!!! Um, yeah, I would have bought one of each of those bowls. Nothing in my kitchen matches. I just buy what I like. Like I have a special bowl for snacks that is bright orange and says Yum at the bottom and a bright orange plate (the only one) that I eat breakfast off of. I am guessing you would cringe to walk into my kitchen then. LOL.