Monday, December 21, 2009

snowpocalypse 2009

So we got the big snow in maryland over the weekend. woo, I have not seen snow like this since i was a kid. It was awesome! As an adult I was not so excited to get out in it as I was when I was a kid.
In the midst of it all on Saturday, my bf decided he would WALK to a friends house and its not exactly close on foot....and in the middle of a snowstorm...yea, he went by himself.
Sunday was the day for digging out and we also went for a walk around town and stopped to visit my parents who live a couple blocks down the street from us. We live in town, but not on main roads so our roads are pretty hazardous, and since so many cars have now driven over it, there isn't much point for the crews to plow now.
Our holiday season also isn't exactly going as expected this year either. Last week we dropped off bf's car at the service garage to get one of his tires checked for a leak, but instead got the news that there is so much work needed on the car, its not worth what it would take to fix it and it is pretty unsafe to drive. So, we are down to one car right now. We spent yesterday digging that one car out in the morning before our walk, but thankfully, last night one of our neighbors 0ffered to have his father in law plow the rest of the snow away for us with his tractor so that was a very nice and unexpected save.
I sent bf off this morning to work, I decided to stay home since I had the opportunity with my job being on liberal leave today. Plus, I figured it would be safe for him to just go straight to work and not have to worry about dropping me off and driving around near my office downtown cause it has to be a mess. I wont be able to do much without a car, but I am broke til payday anway so its not like i would have gone anywhere anyway! It's nice to have a day at home alone to lounge around and work on some projects and do some cleanup.
Here are some pics from our snow weekend!

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Danielle said...

Ugh, the snow! But, yes, how great to have a day off. I hope you worked on some stitching!