Monday, October 26, 2009

imma blog slacker

so sue me.... imma blog slacker...i like this whole blog thing, though i know there are few and far between that really give a crap about what ive got to say, but it sure is fun. plus, i feel like i should contribute considering the other blogs i like to stalk, i should give back.

and i give up on the whole capitalization and correct punctuation stuff tonight. its my freakin blog, ill be white trash if i want to!

so what have i been up to? do you even care? well i dont care if you do or not, this is my blog and ill blog if i want to!

oh a few things, mostly feeling the time pass way faster than im ready for. i got too much goin on, ya know!?!

in september i was invited to partake in the awesomeness that is U2 with my good friend, jessica. we had quite the girls night and even though i didnt get home until 330 in the am on a work night, i really did plan on going to work the next just didnt happen.
yes, yes bono is my husband.....

i just love this picture. the concert was at fedex field, which is the stadium where the washington redskins play. ive never seen a show like it. all the tiny lights are actually peoples cell phones, it was an amazing experience.

bf and i also made an appearance at fed ex field the following weekend for a skins game. free tickets must never be turned down....especially club level tickets.

one of my cousins got married a couple weekends ago, i forgot my dang camera. i was extremely disappointed because bf and i so rarely dress up and look fancy but i made sure to grab a couple pics when we got home.

i have naturally curly hair so i made sure to use this special occasion to get a haircut in the morning and then i straightened my hair for the wedding. it looks SO good and i was so happy because it had been raining all day so i was paranoid about my locks getting damp, but luckily we had an umbrella handy in the car.

thats pretty much it in my world. earlier this year, i won a four night stay at an all inclusive resort in jamaica off the radio. so, we are trying to figure out when we are gonna go this coming winter and dealing with getting everything together to get our passports. ive also got a couple crafty projects going on, im current stitching on mirabilia's petal fairy and knitting my first pair of socks using yarn i got from knit picks. i got the book and learned how to do two socks on one circular needle so we shall see how they turn out.

peace out...for now!!

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