Saturday, January 23, 2010

Once you GO, you KNOW!

Jamaica Baby!!

Last year I won a radio contest for a 4 night stay at an all inclusive resort in Jamaica. Of course, there were a few hoops I had to jump through, but I have FINALLY been able to book our reservation and air travel for our trip.

So excited!!! squeeeee!!!

There was a time around the holidays when it was really tight for us that we had almost decided that maybe we would just let it go and not go on the trip. After all, neither my bf or myself have our passports, nor did we have the extra cash to pay the service fee that was due at the time the reservation was made. Plus, all the dang hoops I would have to jump through to even make the reservation. But, after much thinking one night, I was kind of like, "seriously, its freakin jamaica! I WON this trip! I have NEVER been on a plane! I have NEVER traveled to a place like this! I still have to pay TAXES on it whether we go or not!" So I told my bf "I am going, you goin?!" So, we are going!

We will be enjoying a wonderful 4 night/5 day stay at an all inclusive resort. The little researcher/organizer that I am just had to find all the information possible about the resort and all the reviews of people who stayed previously (yay, tripadvisor). It seems like a nice place, I wouldn't say five star rated, but we aren't exactly five star people, ya know?! As long as its clean, has running water, edible food, and a nice beach, I think we can make due for 5 days. Plus, we were randomly watching "Wheel of Fortune" one night and they gave away a trip to the same resort, so I'm thinking if it's good enough for "Wheel of Fortune" it's good enough for me! The resort does have excusions to make around the island, but at this point we have decided that since we are really only going to have three full days there, we probably won't go on one unless it seems like it would be really enjoyable for both of us.

We both have read/heard that a shopping trip off resort would be a bad idea as the locals are very aggressive (it is still a third world country) and its supposed to be a trip of relaxation, the last thing I need is to be robbed and/or assaulted in a foreign country. LOL! So we are just planning to take in the sun and some rum. There are alot of activities on the resort so we don't think there will really be a situation where we would get bored and need to leave for entertainment.

So, reservations made, passports applied for, and vacation time taken at work. We are sooo ready!

Anyone else have any interesting travel plans made for the year yet?!

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Tanya said...

WOW! That sounds awesome - esp this week. LOL