Saturday, December 20, 2008

That time of year!!

So I realized there was no post in quite awhile and thought it was time. Christmas is coming in five days and I'm nowhere near ready. There are people who I had no idea what to buy for so it came down to handmade gifts. And trust me, deciding to make handmade gifts two weeks before the big day is not something to take lightly. Like the smart person I am, I picked things that could be made up quickly and would not take longer than a day or two. First, my grandmother and her sister. I made them each a crocheted scarf from a pattern that I found on Ravelry. Very simple pattern that worked up quickly, but looks very pretty.

Tomorrow we are going to DBF dads family christmas and his dad said not for us to buy them anything but I still thought we should do something. Another blog that I read showed an ornament that they received in an exchange and I did some research and found the instructions to make these!!

when I googled, I found them under "folded fabric pinecone ornament". I love them, I wish I could keep them, but will prolly make one for myself after the holiday rush to add to our tree next year.

Well, got to get going.

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