Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Stitchin' Away!

so today was that day!! i had off work today, but woke up early and went out to vote and beat the crowds. the lines were still a bit long, but i was still only there for about 15 or 20 minutes which was good with me. then i came home and it was time to work. two loads of laundry and a vacuumed living room later i was ready to relax.
i received a surprise in the form of my best friend with lunch in hand. so we sat down to mcd's and season 4 of Greys Anatomy. i also got a good bit into her scarf which is christmas gift....check it out!!
This is my second knitting project. i really feel like ive got a handle on the stitches and the cables! it's a plaited cable scarf, pattern is from ravelry, the yarn is bernat satin in plum mist heather. i really love the way it is turning out and how quickly its coming along. i started working on it last night and only did about eight rows and then when my friend came over i did the rest of it that you see here while we were watching tv.
aside from my scarves in progress i also got a book from the public library to see if i could get going on socks. here is my first sock attempt.

im not really following any pattern. the book i got says to do this 2x2 ribbing for the cuff but i think i will just continue it down the leg, i like how it looks. the yarn is patons stretch sock in plum, its very elastic and i really like the colors. work on the double pointed needles isnt so bad, only when the other needles get in my way. if i continue with socks i will prolly figure out the whole socks on circs deal.

though im excited about learning to knit and finding patterns, my first love is still cross stitch and when i need a break from knitting ive been picking up nantucket rose.

so this is what ive been up to. not a whole lot going on. for halloween the bf and i went out with friends and well, he got ridiculously drunk and paid for later that night. no comment needed from me, LOL. the day after we went to lunch at tgi fridays and went to the movies and saw "zack and miri make a porno". if you like funny and seth rogen, you'll love it like we did. if you dont like naked and cant understand silly and hysterical i would pass, you're too boring for this movie......have a great day everyone!!

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