Wednesday, December 31, 2008


so today is my birthday! I decided to take off work today and enjoy some time at home. I also have off work thursday, friday (for the holiday) and also monday (cause i just feel like it). I think by the time monday rolls around I'll be ready to be back at my desk dealing with the crazy people. It's also been kind of lucky as the BF has had some car trouble, so was able to drive my car to work today, and then he can take it monday if his car isn't fixed by then.

so I've spent my day, well doing's my birthday, HELLO!! well, I am doing a load of laundry but it's not like it's hard or takes awhole lot of energy. other than that, I've been stitching and started a new project last night.

Country Cottage Needleworks

Peppermint Lane

28 ct. Ivory Lugana
Started 12/30/2008

Nora Corbett

Tigerlily Pixie Couture

32 ct. sudden storm opalescent by silkweaver

Started: 12/27/2008

Last friday, the day after christmas, my LNS "the stitching post" located in catonsville was having a sale. everything in the shop was 20% off so I dragged the BF along to satisfy my stash appetite. I picked up peppermint lane, a tiny tidings packet by lizzie kate, and the bookshelf by LHN. Since I couldn't find anything else to my liking I decided to get the fibers and fabric for peppermint lane, two other pieces of fabric, needles and beads for Nora Corbetts Iris pixie couture.

Time to get back to my birthday stitching, laundry and soon my wonderful BF will be home for the evening. Hope everyone has a wonderful new year!!


Danielle said...

I hope you had a great birthday, and to be a New Year's baby at that! Tigerlily looks great. I've always wanted to stitch one of these. Maybe I will this year.

Heidi said...

Happy belated birthday! And thanks for your support. I did not want to place or keep any photos of my blog as I felt the designer did not deserve any free advertising.

Hugs ~