Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy new year!

Lots of things happening since I last posted in APRIL!! WOw, that's crazy that I slacked so bad. 

Let's see, we are still enjoying living in our house. In a few weeks, we will have lived here a year! We are still working on making it our own, but there are pictures the wall and dirty floors all around. Lol. 

Sadly, we had to return one of cats to the shelter not long after we adopted the two. She didn't seem to be adjusting well to our home and a toddler running around, and took to pooping in our bedroom. Sometimes, on our clothes and it's just not something we could cope with having a small one around the house. 

I'm still chugging away on sleeping princess. I'm able to find more time here and there with Marleigh getting older and being more independent. 

Speaking of my little chicken, she will be TWO next week. Whaaaa?! 

Picture time! 

Just a little glimpse. I have quite a bit done that is covered by the chart. So much blue. So much green. 

This picture was taken at the Gaylord hotel in national harbor. We were treated to a night at the hotel and tickets to the Ice! show by my in laws. We had a great time! 


Vickie said...

Wow! Your daughter is so very precious! Lovely stitching. So glad to see an update from you.

Astrids dragon said...

A year, already?! Sorry to hear about your cat, we had to happen before and it's awful!

Your princess looks great so far, what does Marleigh think of her?

Le trame della Galaverna said...

Just find your blog.
You are stitching a beautiful mirabilia lady.
ciao from Italia