Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Little Photoshoot

Before baby girl was born I had lots of plans of crocheting these cute little hats and such and then getting photographs done by a photographer. Well, I am quite the procrastinator and never quite got to it. Our hospital has photographers that come around and do great photos of newborns so we bought those, they were so cute!

The one thing I had to have though was a picture of my sweet girl as a mermaid! I found the best pattern on etsy and got right to work during nap times. Yesterday, I finally had time to take the pics while she was content after nursing. Since she's a bit older than newborn photos are usually taken, she was a bit squirmy and her cooperation lasted about ten minutes before she got sick of it. Lol.

My camera died in the middle of my shoot so most of the photos I took with my phone. For my "studio", I simply draped a white blanket on the couch and stuck a pillow underneath to use to prop her up.