Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Last TUSAL of the year

Here is my last TUSAL picture for the year. Not any different than last month. Didn't get a chance for much stitching this month until yesterday and I've stopped trying to shove more into the jar. Lol!

I am also showing a picture of a Christmas gift from my sweet hubby. Its a qsnap lap frame, I am in looove!! Danielle and I saw a lady using one of these at the retreat we went to in November and thought it was the neatest thing. It is made by a vendor in the UK so it was quite a hunt to find a shop that carried here in the US. I found a shop in Florida and texted the link to DH hoping he got the hint!

It is a wonderful lap frame and offers not one but TWO qsnap sizes for you to use! You just flip it over to use the smaller/larger size. It is extremely light weight and sits on my lap comfortably while I recline on the couch.

I am hoping to soon be able to get better at stitching with both hands, but for now am enjoying having my right hand cramp free since I no longer have to hold my frame!

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DebbieSFL said...

I.MUST.HAVE.THAT.FRAME. That is so great!!!