Friday, May 27, 2011

Matts Bout....More Felt Flowers!

I made Matts bout pretty much the same way as my bouquet. He wore a black jacket so I used only white flowers embroidered with black thread. After wrapping the wire stem in black satin ribbon I thought it looked alittle plain. Plus, it would need to stand out from the jacket so I decided to jazz it up with some beads I found in my stash from my trip to Mystic last October. I randomly threaded them onto some beading wire and then just kind of wound them onto the stem until I liked it and then glued it in place with some Aleenes Tacky Glue.

Side note: I didn't finish this until the Thursday before the wedding. I first hot glued the beads in place and the panicked when the hot glue dried and the beads hadn't stuck. The Aleenes worked perfectly but I had to finagle a clamp using a book and a vase (don't ask) so the bead strand would stay in place until the glue dried.

I know you're probably looking at the button going, "what is that?". Well, Matt likes pirates. Loves anything pirate. So, when I found these buttons at Joanns I had to snatch them up! They were the closest thing i could find to pirate and when I showed them to him, he really liked them. Also, it was OUR wedding and I wanted it to reflect both of our tastes.

I think a lot of times weddings are all about the bride and sometimes the groom gets lost in the shuffle. Its even easier to do when you are doing a diy wedding and only one of you is crafty. So, I felt it was really important during the whole process to keep Matt involved in thinking out my ideas, letting him choose things that he liked and making them work even if it wasn't really my taste.

And that's Matts bout! It was one of my favorite projects. Probably because it was one of the easiest for me to do, haha. I really love the beaded stem. Amazing how such a small thing really changed the whole look!

Along with his bout, I got Matt a special gift that I gave him the day of the wedding. Until next time!
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