Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Goonies Cufflinks and The Cardbox

The day of the wedding I had a special surprise for Matt. During my etsy expedition, I had found these awesome cufflinks I wanted to get for him. Granted, he doesn't wear cufflinks often (read never), but this was our special day, and they were so cool!

Black and White Goonies Cufflinks - Wedding Day Groomsmen Gifts Men
I did not order them right away, I just tucked them away in my favorites to keep in mind as the day got closer. Imagine my surprise months later when I went to order them and the etsy shop had closed! After some searching I was able to find the seller had gone and set up their own site and I was back in business.

Bella Moda Co. is very cool! They not only do custom cufflinks, but they have also started doing some bridal design. After I started browsing through the site, I almost had a hard time getting Matt just one pair of their cool cufflinks. I was also glad to know that each pair was made to order, so even though I didn't make it myself, it kept in line with the whole diy thing I had going on.

I do believe they are the coolest things I've ever seen. Like I said before, Matt loves all things pirate. The Goonies is one of his favorite movies and the line seemed fitting enough on our wedding day, plus, they matched our black and white color scheme.

Needless to say, he loved them. He was also very surprised, which was the goal. I love surprises!

Next up, the cardbox. I spent weeks trying to figure out how to make this thing. Then one day, I just jumped in. I got paper mache nesting boxes from Michaels, along with some glossy white spray paint, some scrapbook stickers to decorate and black satin ribbon.

Matt first painted the boxes for me using primer, then we spray painted them to make them a pretty glossy white. After I let the paint set for a couple days, I cut holes in the bottom and top of the boxes so the cards would fall to the bottom box. I used Aleenes Tacky Glue to glue the boxes together. At this point, I should tell you that a hot glue gun would have been a wonderful asset to me, but you will be amazed to know I did not own a glue gun until two days before the wedding. Wow, I know, I don't know how I've survived all this time without a glue gun in my life.

After the glue set on the boxes, I got ready to decorate the bugger. First, I used double sided tape around each lid to attach my black satin ribbon. On the middle box, I got some peel n' stick black glitter scrapbook letters and put 'cards'. On the top and bottom boxes I used some fancy swirly things I found in the scrapbook aisle. Again, peel n' stick, all about the peel n' stick!

At this point, I thought I was done. I hadn't planned on doing anything to the sides of the boxes until I noticed a rogue piece of double sided tape. Of course, I had to get it off and crap!, the paint peeled off. In repair mode, I ran double sided tape on all three sides of the boxes and covered up my flub with the same damask sheer ribbon I used in our centerpieces. Crisis averted!

I have to tell you, this box cost maybe ten dollars for me to make. I've seen them online being sold for $100!! Granted, they were probably a bit more fancy than mine, but seriously?!
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natalyK said...

Love the card box. I love DIY projects especially when they save you money. Great job!

Danielle said...

Everything you did for the wedding turned out wonderful, and you saved a TON of money!!!

country stitcher said...

love your card box - it turned out great and so cute. I can't say enough about it. great job!!!

Parsley said...

WOW. Great job!