Monday, September 14, 2009

Back and not loving it....

Well we are back from our vacation, we have actually been home for a week now. But, it was back to work and back to life, so it was all busy busy busy!

We had an amazing time on vacation. There were days of overcast skies, but we didnt let that get us down. We relaxed on the beach, took long afternoon naps, and took in some sites. One evening in rained so after after dinner we went to the movies. BF, of course, wanted to see Halloween 2, and there wasn't anything I absolutely had to see so I took one for the team and agreed to see it (and cringed the whole way through it). In return, I get to drag him to something he does not want to see. I'm trying to decide between Fame and The Princess and the Frog.....LOL.

Friday, we left good ole' South Carolina and headed back north to Maryland, with a stop in Virginia. Of course, I just happened to find the hotel in Fairfax that was right down the street from Fair Oaks Mall which just happened to have a Cheesecake Factory restaurant. I convince BF we had enough funds to finance a meal at the restaurant and off we went. OMCF....o my cheesecake factory!! Totally worth it, and in the end it really didn't cost anymore than a typical meal when we go out and we got to take the cheesecake back to our hotel to enjoy later when we were not so stuffed from our dinners.

Saturday we slept in a bit and then we were up and running getting ready to go see Jimmy Buffett at Nissan Pavilion. For our first Buffett experience, we had a amazing time!

Sunday, we arrived home and after unpacking the car and sitting on the couch suddenly felt like we hadn't been on vacation at all. More like a very vivid dream!

No worries, pictures to come!

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