Friday, August 21, 2009

It's almost that time!

Time for my vacation!! I am so ready to pack my crap and get in the car for the drive down to Myrtle Beach with my boyfriend. This summer has been crazy busy and flying by fast! While everyone else has done and gone on their vacations we have patiently waited for our time to come, and it's almost here! I am ready to sit in the sand and play in the ocean! I am ready for my free waffle breakfasts at the hotel. I am ready to sit on my ass all day and do nothing. I am ready for the car ride in which i will sit and knit socks while watching episodes of Grey's Anatomy and movies like Knocked Up and Twilight on my Ipod. I am soooo ready.

Of course, before we leave...soo much to do! This weekend we have a friend's daughters birthday party and bf's mom is away for alil trip of her own so we are checking on grandparents and dog and house. I can check one item off my list and that is getting my car serviced before we leave..a painful $200 spent, but its worth not having the worry of being stranded 10 hours from home.

I haven't been stitching much lately. It's so friggin hot in my house, I can't stand to sit on the couch long enough to get anything done. I did knit a sock though. One sock. My first sock. That will probably never have a mate. But, I knit a sock. I learned a new skill. I got so excited I ordered a circular needle and some sock yarn from Knit Picks. So with my circular needle, I can learn to knit TWO socks at one time, therefore skipping that whole bit with all the guilt where I knit one sock who never meets its sole mate.

Speaking of the heat. It's hot, y'all. Hot in my house. At first I was all "oh, its not so bad" but ya know, it's gettin' old. Really old. We have the ac unit up in the bedroom, but I really don't feel like spending all my free time holed up in my bedroom when I have a whole house to lay around in. So yea, it's hot...and when it's hot, nothing gets done, nothing. So my house is a disaster. I start to clean it, and then I get hot, and then I take a break...and then I see they are showing a marathon of America's Next Top Model on Oxygen, and well, what was I doing? BUT, I refuse to leave and go on vacation and come back to such a mess. So the next couple weeks/weekends will be a flurry of activity and packing and cleaning and laundry. Maybe with some stitching and ANTM in between....not to mention Real Housewives of Atlanta (crap I missed it last night!), Project Runway, Hell's Kitchen, Top Chef........


Amanda said...

Wow! I've never met anyone that had my birthday! Happy early 28!

Amanda said...

Wish I could send you a Gigi's cupcake!

Hope you have a good weekend!