Friday, January 30, 2009

Progress (with pictures!)

I've been working the last couple weeks on Peppermint Lane and Tigerlily. I actually finished Peppermint Lane about, mmm, two weeks ago?.....But I don't have a finished picture, cause well, I been lazy.

This is the most recent

Peppermint Lane
Country Cottage Needleworks
In progress 01/07/2009

Since I finished Peppermint Lane, I've been focusing on getting Tigerlily done. Im 90% there, just have to finish backstitching and beading. I'm thinking since BF is working this weekend and I will be home and carless, I will have plenty of time to get it done.



In Progress 01/02/2009

In Progress 01/25/2009

Well that's about all for today. We had some bad weather here in Maryland earlier this week. Snowed Tuesday and icey on Wednesday. Tuesday, we went to work, but Wednesday we both stayed home. Today is Friday and I am ooooh so glad. I am very tired and ready for my sleep days. As of right now, the only exciting thing we have got going on is checking some tickets that we bought earlier this month to see if we won a most awesome prize package. It's a raffle at a club that BF belongs to, the prize is a 56" flat panel tv, a nintendo wii, and guitar hero III package. WANT!!


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Danielle said...

Tiger Lily looks fab. Can't wait to see it and Peppermint Lane finished. Take the damn picture already!