Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Snow Day

Well, we got a bit of snow in Maryland yesterday. I woke up at zero dark thirty yesterday as usual for the tiny, hungry human and checked outside. Yay white stuff!! So, of course, I kept checking for info about having liberal leave from work. Nothing was posted by 6 am which is my dead end must get ready for work or be late time. DH had texted and said I should just stay home. Fine with me. I called in to take a personal day and let the daycare know we wouldnt be dropping off, then settled back in for snuggles with my girl.

She had been feeling a bit yucko over the weekend with a nasty stuffy nose. I became quite intimate with the blue sucky thing from the hospital and my daughters tiny nose. I'm still amazed by the size of the boogies that came out of that tiny little button nose!

I was happy to get to stay home with her yesterday! We had lots of snuggle time, catching up in the dvr, and working on her poncho. I also charted out her name on the birth announcement chart I picked up on Saturday. It only took me about 100 hundred attempts and thanking the good lord I had the foresight to use a pencil.

Have you seen the new Plum Street design, Spring Jack?! Love it!!


Vickie said...

Your daughter is PRECIOUS!

cucki said...

aww sweet xxx
she is so cute xxxxx

DJ said...

I thought about you all day yesterday, thinking that you finally got your snow! I'm so glad you got to spend the day snuggling your beautiful daughter. They grow so fast... *Hugs*