Saturday, January 19, 2013


Well, we are still residents of the local hospital where Marleigh was born early Tuesday morning. I ended up having to deliver by csection so we knew we would be here at least four nights. Due to a multitude of factors, my sweet girl ended up having jaundice and is having a hard time kicking it out of her system. She spent Wednesday night in the hospitals special care nursery getting phototherapy treatment. She was with us Thursday and yesterday while they redid her blood tests. This morning the tests had elevated results which meant it was back under the lights for her this morning.

At this point, Matt and I were so ready to go home. I was in the process of being discharged when we found out we might have to go home without our girl. All my post partem hormone mess chose that moment to make itself known and it was not pretty. Thankfully, our hospital birth place isn't very busy at the moment and has plenty of open rooms so they have allowed us to stay an extra night in our room while baby girl gets her treatment. The only difference is now that I'm not a patient, we don't get waited on hand and foot so hubby had to go out and get all my pain med prescriptions filled and he will have to go out sometime later for dinner for us. But it will also be nice to not have someone coming in while my boobs are hanging out to take my temperature. Lol!

The hospital and staff where I delivered have been wonderful to us. They have supported my struggle with breast feeding and the sluggishness that comes with babies who have jaundice. The lactation consultants and nurses were amazing and always made sure to tell me that I was doing a great job and nothing I was doing was wrong when it came to feeding. Thank goodness my milk came in last night so nursing has gotten much better when I can wake her up!

During quiet times between feedings, when I wasnt napping, I've been working steadily on a blanket I'm knitting for Marleigh. It's so pretty and I love the soft yarn! I do miss stitching though and can't wait to get back to it! When I go home I also have some new stash waiting for me!! Yay stash!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


cucki said...

Lots Of love and hugs for you and for the sweet baby xxx

Barb said...

I hope you will be home soon with your adorable little girl!

Katy said...

My daughter had issues with breastfeeding and was actually readmitted with jaundice and dehydration after she was originally discharged...those lights work wonders! Just make sure you continue to take care of yourself, Mom! And if it comes down to it and you still have issues breastfeeding, formula is a godsend. Been there, done that! ~hugs~

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Congratulations on your beautiful baby girl!
And a big pat on the back for the hospital for supporting your breast feeding too. I am pleased they're so helpful.
She'll soon be on her way home xxxx

Rhona said...

Hope you're all home soon. She's adorable....congratulations!

Melissa said...

What a beautiful little girl! And I just love the name :) Congratulations to the both of you!!! Praying for her speedy recovery so you can all go home ASAP :)


Lana said...

I totally understand what you have been going through. My lil' one also was fighting the jaundice thing too, and I was in the hospital for 4 1/2 days for complications with my blood pressure. Try to get some rest while you are there. I hope you are all able to go home soon!!