Wednesday, December 12, 2012

It's Coming!

Christmas incoming and DH and I finally have the tree up and decorated. The house is starting to get a bit decluttered while we get rid of old to make room for the new. I finally feel like I'm making progress on baby girls room as it is starting to empty out before I fill it up again.

Not much going on on the stitching front. I lost my mojo but I certainly hope to finish Snow Belles before spring! Lol. Last weekend, I made a trip to my LNS and stumbled on a shepherds bush kit that I've been wanting for the last year or so, Road to Bethlehem. My LNS has the model on the wall but never seemed to have the kit in stock. When I ran across it last weekend, I snatched it up!

This weekend is DH birthday and we have our birthing class. Hope everyone is well!!


cucki said...

Cutie star..
Happy birthday to your dh..enjoy over the weekend xx

Nicola said...

What a gorgeous and unusual bauble for the tree.

Claire said...

Hope your stitching mojo comes back soon.x