Thursday, April 5, 2012

So Ready

Been quite a few days since my last post. Two weeks ago I caught a nasty cold and have been trying to kick it ever since. Last week I stayed home two days (tuesday and wednesday) and buried myself in used tissues and cough drop wrappers.

I did alittle stitching and became obssessed with watching Dog the Bounty Hunter on Netflix. Don't judge me.

I'm feeling better this week, though fighting a stuffy nose and nasty cough. Anyone else discover the awesomeness that is kleenex brands cool touch tissues?! Omg. So amazing.

I'm almost done the bottom boringness on Venetian.

Easter is this weekend and I took off work for a couple days of r&r Monday and Tuesday. So ready!

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DJ said...

Glad to hear you are feeling better...lovely stitching (from the previous post), and I would never judge what you watch on TV...I have my own unmentionable vices...shhhhh...don't tell hubby!!

Lee-Ann said...

so glad you are feeling better, and no judging here, i love that show too and his wife with those nails & breasts, both huge ! lol I also love ice road truckers, but its not on in australia now, and when we do get it , its always repeats :-(

Ginger said...

Love the cool touch tissues, and like stated above, we all have our TV vices. Hope that you feel better soon!