Thursday, November 11, 2010

Time Flies!

It's been a hectic couple weeks here at our casa. Which is crazy, because nothing that exciting has been going on. Just the same ole, same old. Going to work and coming home. Preparing for the wedding, which for me, means coming up with ideas, changing my mind, and changing it back. We have the "big" stuff taken care off - ceremony venue, reception venue, food, photographer, pastor. Weight off my back when decisions are made!

Lately I've been making decisions about my bouquet. I am making my own using antique white felt flowers which I purchased off of I am currently embroidering them with white thread. Then I discovered french beaded flowers....knock me over with a feather! They are gorgeous, and I just so happened to find at least THREE bead shops near where I live and work. So I am excited to include so much creativity and different mediums into my bouquet!

Today I had off work so I was able to go to the place closest to my house "The Potomac Bead Company". It was fantastic! I picked out some opal white seed beads and pretty seafoam green beads. I spent three hours today getting all the seafoam green onto beading wire so I can start shaping my petals. I think the beaded flowers will really pop with the felt and embroidery!

On the stitching front, I've been working on Mirabilia's "Venetian Opulence". She's so gorgeous, the colors so virbrant! Last night I was able to finish up her arms and her face, so I have the boring skin all stitched and I am ready to have fun with her beautiful gown! Also on the stitching front, one of my favorite designers and one of the nicest people around, Belinda, of Blue Ribbon Designs is having a cool giveaway! She gave one of these lovely sewing companions to Sue at the Mystic Retreat and it is a very nice sewing accessory, we were all so jealous! *Fingers crossed*!

Now off to play with some beads! Next time, I promise to have some pictures! (hopefully)

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