Sunday, July 4, 2010

$$$ = frustration....what else is new?

One of the many pitfalls of planning a wedding is of course, paying for the weddng.

I am making our save the dates, I am making our invitations, I am making the in 2, mine and my matron of honor. We are having our reception at FMIL to cut that cost, and minimal decor....a late cocktail reception, but still alil costly....I am making cupcakes, I am making the centerpieces.....I am doin alot. LOL.

This stress of course is coming from the fact that I booked the chapel last week and we met with and got the pricing for our caterer....still have yet the find a dress, a photographer, and a ceremony musician......

On top of the wedding planning, I am facing cuts at my job which means a lower paycheck for double the work....and I don't want to hear "oh, at least you still have a job" bs....I mean, does it really make a difference when the bills still aren't getting paid....? Does it?!

And forget all the traditional Brides family pays for this and Grooms family pays for that. 'Cause my family? They arent paying for mother hasnt even spoken to me since I have gotten engaged and I am convinced its for this very reason. She is afraid I am going to ask her and her worthless husband to pay for something or God forbid give us money. Fiances mother has offered some tentative help, but growing up with parents who didn't give a crap about me makes it almost impossible to ask anyone for money.

So it looks like its time for that dreaded "p" word...parttime job...ugh. Even thinking it makes me want to break down into tears. I thought after 6 1/2 years of college and struggling to survive without any support from my family, after getting a "real" job, I would be done with that. I mean, in college, I worked 2-3 jobs at a time and went to school full time. It. Was. Terrible. I really am not looking forward to repeating that experience in my life, while trying to plan a wedding.....blah!

well, there is that rant....


Anonymous said...

And you are well entitled to that rant! I can't imagine having to do all that work AND go to work part time!

Is there an art school nearby? Maybe you could hire a student musician or photographer? Pictures aren't something you want to leave to a student but if he has a portfolio that may be something to consider.

A old friend of mine did a great wedding on the cheap by buying her own fabric on sale and then hiring a local seamstress to make the dress. We also made the bridesmaids dresses and did the decorations and bouquets ourselves.

Another made her own cd of music for the ceremony and had the DJ handle it.

I've helped soooo many friends with weddings including a few who paid for it themselves.

Danielle said...

So sorry to hear about the $$$ trouble. I wish you a wonderful wedding and much patience in getting through the rest of the planning.