Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The continuing saga......

So we got some more snow here in Maryland...Tuesday I went to work even though I technically was not required to go. But, I figured that I would not be there today, and I was not. In fact, stated government offices were closed. I left work about 1 p.m. on Tuesday as the snow had started again, and with liberal leave in effect, was allowed to leave early to get home before all the craziness of rush hour and those in panic mode driving like crazies tryin to get home.
And this morning, oooohhh this morning. We awoke to more snow, and more falling snow, and more snow to move....but where to put it after the 30 inches we got already, this additional 20 inches.....So my bf did a bit of shoveling. We got around the car and the snow off the car. By this time, the 40 mph winds they had been predicting were starting up so we went back in the house for some hot chocolate, relaxation, and periodic facebook updates about this new blizzard blowing through.

Our day has been a sea of boredom. We have both wandered around the house like lost puppies. My bf has thoroughly beaten the super mario bros. wii game and have finished a stitching project. In fact, it's the most stitching I have done in a week in quite a long time. Must have something to do with the seemingly endless bouts of snow and the fact that I cannot leave my house to go anywhere. The picture is not great since I did take it with my phone. The pattern is "bayside bungalows" by country cottage needleworks. I started it last year when I bought it. I got the houses, sky and trees done before I put it down. In the last week I finished the bottom half of the design. I ran out of the white thread for the waves and will have to order more to officially be done with the piece, there are also four buttons I will need to sew on. I love the colors in the design and liked the summer feel. Not sure what I will pick up tomorrow since government offices are again closed and both bf and myself will be home diggin out.

After stitching, while waiting for dinner to be ready I thought it would be interesting to get outside and get some night pictures of the snow. And yes, it is STILL snowing.....

I left the flash on the camera so the light would reflect off the snowflakes, its a nice effect, but it's getting really old in real life.
Hopefully tomorrow we can get outside and really enjoy the snow and get in some playtime or at the very least go on a walk to see what the rest of the town looks like.

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