Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I'm a Pirate!!

So for the last couple months I have been wearing my glass, I ran out of contact lenses just before christmas and didn't have the time or money to worry about ordering new ones until last week when i ordered more. well, the order came yesterday and well lets just say, its not going to well. I put them in this morning before work and on the way in while my DBF was driving i kept telling him that something was weird, i couldnt see right. well, long story short, after much fiddling and checking, i realized that the website i had ordered from had sent me the incorrect prescription for my right eye. party my fault, partly theirs. when i had placed the ordered i had misread part of my prescription and selected the wrong axis, but they are supposed to verify the information with my eye doctor so they should have caught the mistake and fixed it. so i sent a quick email asking what i should do, praying i wouldnt have to shell out another 40 bucks for another box of lenses and try to figure out what to do with the useless ones i couldnt use sitting at home. two minutes later i heard back and (thank god) they are sending me the correct lenses at no charge with expedited shipping, and also sending prepaid postage so i can send the unused, in correct lenses back to them. so thats a load off there, but today i have to sit at work with the wrong lense in my right eye, that will teach me not to carry my glasses with me from now on.

on the stitching front, I've been quite busy. I am cruising along on Iris, unfortunately I have been remiss in posting updated photos, but I will get it in gear soon, promise! i also started working on the lizzie kate boo flip its in the hopes that i will have them done and framed by halloween to hang up.....you'd think with Halloween being six months away this could be accomplished, we shall see.

valentines day, bf and i went to Medieval times! talk about a good time!! we had so much fun. i have been a couple times but he had never seen the show so it was exciting. when we were in myrtle beach on vacation last year we had gone to the dixie stampede show and it was very cheesy. the food at medieval times was excellent and the drinks yummy!!

Pics coming soon!! Pirate Peace out!!

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