Monday, December 7, 2015

Fell off the wagon..

and have not posted for awhile. Back in November, my good friend, Danielle, and I went to a retreat in Laurel, Md. I was glad I was able to go this year as it seems to be the last one they will be having there. In two years, they will be moving the retreat to the spring during the needlework exhibit at Woodlawn in Va(pending any difficulties finding a venue). I am DEFINITELY all about getting to that retreat! Danielle and I attend the exhibit every year and then stop to shop at In Stitches, so adding a weekend retreat into the mix will only sweeten the deal. Plus, we have been BEGGING for a retreat during this exhibit for years. Yay!

I worked a bit on my Chatelaine piece at the retreat, but mostly focused on a new start. Plus Street Samplers, Blackberry House. I adore the colors used in this piece and have enjoyed working on it. I do not have a picture to post today, but I am a good way through stitching and will have to post one later.

I am also on the search for what I call my "white whale" of stitching. It's that piece that you want to stitch, but doubt you ever will be able to finish but are determined to try. I am sure it's the same for many stitchers. But mine is "And They Sinned" by Examplar Dames Design Co. I find myself a couple times a week googling away and searching Ebay to see if anyone is willing to part with their copy of the chart. I would have no problem purchasing the chart from an LNS, but at around $50(just for the pattern), I figure if I can find it somewhere else, I am game. With upcoming after christmas and superbowl sales also approaching, I am sure to get my hands on it somehow!

My husband and I are getting very excited for Christmas this year. My little girl will be three next month and is always chattering about Christmas now and Santa Claus. We are planning to actually visit Ocean City in a couple weeks to see the Winterfest of Lights they have there. I have family that lives in the area, so we are going to stay with them for one night to save on a hotel stay. I am looking forward to seeing the beach in December(and of course visiting Salty Yarns).

My birthday is at the end of the month and I usually like to treat myself to something stitchy. I have yet to decide what that will be, but I am leaning towards either a scroll rod set(to fit my chatelaine piece) or another Chatelaine kit. I have the chart for Butterfly Lace, which is just so pretty. The kit is available for sale at European Cross Stitch online and would just be easy peasy to purchase.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season!


DebbieSFL said...

I already have mine purchased and started eons ago. The Needleprint Mary Whigham Sampler.

Robin in Virginia said...

Are stitching retreats a great way to spend a weekend? Look forward to seeing your latest WIP!

Teresa S. said...

I feel exactly like you about And They Sinned. I want to start it but am afraid it will end up neglected and never finished. Keep watching ebay. I see them on there every so often.

VegasJilly said...

I love the retreats! I rarely get to spend time with any stitching people so it's a great opportunity to spend time with other ladies who's speak my language and get as excited as I do! Plus, it's great uninterrupted stitching time!

VegasJilly said...

I check eBay many times a day now. Lol